Transforming old into new & saving resources !

Old climbing ropes, slings and climbing harnesses are taken apart and set together in a new context! The main focus is to make unique and useful products to help the environment, the planet and ourselves! All products are 100% vegan, ecofriendly and made without producing any waste! Yeah!


The process of transformation from the discarded raw material to the stylish and unique accessories requires multiple steps, so lets take a closer look at how its done!

The material

Climbing ropes (the main material used) are made to save a climbers live in the case of a heavy fall. After a couple of years (depending on the load) under a lot of use they reach their end of live (at least for climbing purposes). The uniqueness of the finished product starts here because every rope has its own history, visited different places and served individual purposes.

Glam up

“Never judge a book by its cover” couldn´t be more fitting when it comes to the appearance of an old rope. Not once have I looked at it and was torn off by how dirty and unspectacular it looked. A proper washing procedure often helps and creates a “Cinderella effect” which makes me excited every time i open the washing machine.

Getting “rough”

My little office is the only place on earth where violence is sometimes the only way to get things done! Because let me tell you this: old ropes are not bulk goods that you can buy and easily work with. It takes a lot of pulling, tugging and tearing to disassemble the rope and get the desired skin.

Design & Sewing

I am not only the girl for the though “ropework” I am also “head of the design department” and “sewer in charge” (#onewomenshow). The variety of colours and patterns allow me to create different and unique pieces. No two pieces look the same, which is a wonderful thing in todays world of mass production.

The idea behind

The fundamental idea is to create something useful from disused items. For me, as a passionate climber, ropes are what stood out for me, not only because of its convincing properties, but also for its sentimental value. The material is not only extremely durable it is also ecofriendly because it is being reused in a very practical and stylish way.

I am proud to say that every item is 100% handmade by me, with love, dedication and passion.

All products are 100% vegan and ecofriendly!

Cat on the Rocks is for climbers (first timers up to Adam Ondra levelists), “rock addicts”, “outdoor lovers”, “recycle supporters”, “colour fanatics”, “starry-eyed idealists” and everyone who believes in individuality and sustainability.:-)

* Please note: Because I recycle old/used ropes there might be signs of wear and tear on the finished product, which is totally fine because its part of every ropes history.